Small Business Solutions

Our goal is to provide valuable solutions at a reasonable price to businesses across the Greater Philadelphia Area, its suburbs, and North and South Jersey. Below is a short list of some of the ways that we can help your business grow in to the future. This is just a sample, so contact us for any additional information.

Computer Checkup and Cleaning

Is your computer running slow? Is your laptop crashing for no reason? Using a variety of diagnostic tools, we will locate the problem and fix it fast. This service includes an overall inspection, a speed optimization, virus removal, spyware removal, and recommendations on how you can keep your computer running at peak performance.

Technical Support

Society Hill Computer Associates brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in every area of technical support. Our associates have the skills to get your computer running at peak performance. Whether your machine is simply running a bit sluggish or you want to ensure system security across the board, we can help you and your business meet your goals.


Technology changes every day. We will help to keep you and your employees up to speed on all of the emerging applications and software packages that make businesses run more efficiently. We offer various training packages that include the latest operating systems and software applications for both PC and Mac. Feel free to contact us about how we can customize a training solution to help keeping your business moving forward.


We understand the value of a fast, secure network environment in today's business world. We can build your network from the ground up or secure and improve and already existing network. Our network security experts can ensure that your network is safe, and we can improve the quality and security of your home or business network.

Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, PDA

More and more we see people checking their e-mail and surfing the web right from the palm of their hand. Our team is trained on the finer details of these devices and can get you and your business mobile quickly. We'll help you every step of the way, from purchasing a handheld device and choosing a service provider to sync your e-mail and schedule appointments.

Data Backup

We can ensure that your data will be protected no matter what. Hardware failures, floods, fires, and any number of other unforeseen risks can affect your data. Our team has the knowledge and experience to implement a custom data backup solution that works for you. You'll sleep easier knowing that your data is being properly backed up.